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Berlin &  Potsdam

Up to six passengers
Customized City-Tours Panoramic roof Pick up by arrangement
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Experience Berlin or Potsdam with an original VW van from the 70s.
As an experienced tour guide, I will show you around - and explain the historic sights.

Berlin is a large metropolis with lots of diverse neighborhoods. The “Magic Bus”
is - unlike the big Sightseeing-Buses - not restricted to fixed routes.
The tour can be organized according to your interests. 

You can tell me, where and when the tour is supposed to start and end. But to avoid the rush hour, I do recommend to start the trip about 10:00 or 11:00 AM.

You are accommodated outside the city-center, and want to be picked up by the “Magic Bus”? Then I can make you an reasonable offer for a transfer – priced separately from the sightseeing tour.

The Magic Bus is:

  2    hours                    130 €
hours                    160 €
hours                    190 €
hours                    220 €
hours                    245 €
hours                    270 €
hours                    295 €
  each additional hour     50 €

   prices for the whole group

The sunroof can be coverd by a transparent film

View through the panoramic roof

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