The perfect wedding photo

With the van to the wedding

It's the most beautiful day in your life, something charming needs to be done. An original VW Bulli as your personal wedding dream is the perfect choice. It is a classic and today more popular than ever, compact on the outside and unique in shape and color...

With plenty of space as an eye-catcher and popular figure, you can book the VW Bulli for your wedding. Whether for the arrival and departure from the church, the registry office, but also for the entire day with a photo shoot. It will definitely be a perfect experience.

The most beautiful day in your life with a Bulli

What can I offer you?

1 The minimum booking is 2 hours.
²* Outside central areas of Berlin, there are costs for arrival and departure.
³* The decoration can be added upon request for an additional charge.
⁴* Valid for a maximum of 10 hours.







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